Dr. Jesús Solís Reyes

Medicine has been part of the Solís Family  for over 150 years. Articles referring to the “Don. Doctor Jesús Solís” practicing medicine and performing surgeries dating back to the 1800’s have been pass from generation to generation.  Dr. Jesus Solis Reyes is a 6th generation surgeon who is now bringing decades of medical knowledge and experience to his the latest technology available.

Doctor Jesús Solís Reyes graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1972 as a Medical Doctor with Specialty in Surgery. During his residency in the Mexican Navy, Dr. Solís attended to multiple families and soldiers at the Acapulco naval base. From the beginning, Dr. Solís focused on disease prevention and that is why he created programs to reduce medical complications for soldiers and their families. At the end of his time with the Mexican Navy, Dr. Solís worked for the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) where he worked as head of the family clinic medical department in unit No.61. After receiving the prestigious National Prize of Medicine granted by the president, Dr. Solís was the medical Supervisor of the IMSS district no.1 in which he oversaw more than 20 hospitals and clinics under his program.

After 16 years of service with the IMSS, Dr. Solís opened his office in Mexico City providing medical care to families in the federal district and in the interior of the republic. During these last 30 years, Dr. Solís focused on investigating a treatment for diabetes mellitus.

One of the traditions that were part of medicine in the time of his great-grandfathers which Dr Solís continued, was to provide medical visits in the homes of the sick. Despite having his office, Dr. Solís provided more than 80% of medical visits in the home of his patients.

Dr. Solís now provides his patients with 40 years of medical experience at the comfort of their home or workplace through Online Telemedicine.


Left to right: Dr. Don. Jesús Solís in the 1800’s,  Navy enlistment, National Mecical Award deliverd by the mexico president, University Degree.

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